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Puppy Culture represents a gold standard in puppy rearing and early socialization. 

Puppy Culture is a program used by Breeders and Puppy owners, all over the world to improve the lives of their puppies and to limit behavioral issues by helping puppies to cope with and move past things that would otherwise cause issues as adults.

What we do....

► Preparation and Prenatal Care

► Early Neurological Stimulation

► Weaning Set Up and Suggestions

► Developmental Periods

√ Understanding behavioral markers

√ Age-appropriate games and  exercises

√  Handling fear periods

►  Enrichment Effect

 √ Creating and enriching environment

 √  Puzzles and problem solving

 √ Active vs. passive challenges

► Early Socialization

 √ Safety measures

 ► Problem Prevention

√  Emotional resiliency exercises

√  Anti-aggression protocols

√ Sound-proofing puppies

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