​​​Bug Protection

Wondercide spray

​4oz Springtime garlic granules

​Only Natural tag(flea and tick)not shown. 


Deluxe Grooming Package

​Andis Power Groom clippers

Andis 9 piece comb attachments

Portable  24"L x 18"W grooming table with arm

Plus everything in the essential package

​ $342.00

Essential Grooming Package

​Large 7 1/2 inch comb

Small detail face comb

Nail clippers

4 oz. detangling spray

4 oz. facial cleanser

​4 oz. concentrated shampoo

​4 oz. empty bottle for diluting







Species Appropriate Diet

We recommend Steve's real food. It's easy.
Just click the link and you can sign up to have food delivered to your door.


Oral Care Package

​Oral gel - Mint

​Oral gel - Peanut butter flavor

7 Whimzees dental care sticks

2 soft finger brushes




Puppy Pen

This is a must have for all dog owners. When you can't be there watching your new puppy, he should be placed in here for his own safety and your peace of mind. If left alone, he will learn bad habits that are both hard to break and annoying. For instance, he will learn to run behind the couch and go potty if you aren't watching, or he will learn to chew on paper, plastic, books, cords, shoes or anything he can pick up! So when you aren't specifically playing with him, place him in there.  He may whine at first, but will quickly get used to it and call it his special place! 

  Welcome to So Cute Havanese

We have put together time-tested product packages to help you make buying necessary new-puppy-needs easier.

If you are purchasing a puppy from So Cute, let us know at least a week in advance of coming here, and your packages will be waiting for you. If you want your packages shipped, note that when ordering. There may be an extra fee for shipping.