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​​.Natural Flea and Tick Prevention

Parasites are drawn to the weakest of the species. So the first battle to be engaged in your war on fleas is insuring your pet’s health is optimum and her immune system is strong. A few things to keep in mind:  Feeding a high quality, species appropriate diet is the foundation for your pet’s good health.  Regular exercise helps your pet stay at a healthy weight and keeps her joints strong and her muscles toned.  Over-vaccinating your pet can devastate immune system functioning, as can the overuse of drugs like antibiotics and
I don’t recommend chemical products to eliminate fleas in or outside your home except in extreme situations or when less harmful approaches have failed. There are much safer flea eradication alternatives available, including:  Diatomaceous earth (DE).Diatomaceousearth is a naturally occurring porous rock composed of the shells of diatoms, which are one-celled alae with cell walls of silica. This light-colored, porous rock forms a fine white powder when crushed. The powder kills fleas by dehydrating them from the outside in.
You can apply a light dusting of food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) on your carpets, bare floors, your pet (take care not to get it in or near his eyes) and his bedding. Make sure the DE is food grade, not pool filter grade as the latter is toxic if ingested. Also, daily feeding it to your dog may keep him free of worms.    


 Another product that is helpful is Wondercide Flea and Tick Spray

 "Give your pets and family the protection they need without chemical pesticides. Our flagship line of flea & tick  solutions are made with non-toxic, food-grade ingredients that have been used to effectively fight pests for  centuries. Wondercide is safe and effective for pets of all ages and sizes including dogs, cats, kittens, puppies, and  even horses! Don't pesticide, choose Wondercide."


A variety of essential oils can be used as flea and tick repellents. We find these oils pleasant smelling, but fleas can’t stand the scent. There are also a few oils with insecticidal properties, and are able to kill fleas on contact. The great thing about using essential oils for flea control is that they are safe for use around homes, pets, and children. In fact, most can even be applied topically to pets and clothing to repel fleas and sooth bites. 

If you want more information or want to order Young Living oils, visitwww.youngliving.org/patriciajicha

Internal Parasites

Here are a few links that may help you learn about natural parasite control.